Introduction to Business Operation

We provide a significant contribution to the success of clients’ projects by our satellite, EEE parts and reliability technologies.

HIREC was established in 1988 on a mission to ensure the stable supply of high-reliability components to be used on Japan’s primary large-scale launch vehicle, applications satellites, and the Japanese Experiment Module "Kibo" of the International Space Station.

Since then HIREC has developed our technological fields and scope of business to spacecraft system (as satellite development, and system reliability and quality assurance), and moreover satellite utilization (as satellite communications), with being based on EEE parts technology, and reliability and quality assurance technology which are our original competence as features.

HIREC provides the following services based on the track record and cultivated technologies to ensure clients’ success.

Since HIREC has comprehensive technologies covering all the phases from upper process of development to utilization of satellite, we can contribute to not only ensuring reliability and quality of products step-by-step but also the realization of front-loading and concurrent development of systems. As a result, it would lead to the reduction of the development period and costs.

Click here for details of HIREC’s corresponding operation to the respective phases of satellite development.

Spacecraft projects supported by HIREC

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