Corporation Profile

Compliance Policy

  1. Respect for basic human rights
  2. Respecting each person as an individual, we avoid behavior that injures a person's dignity.

  3. Environment conservation
  4. We realize our corporate responsibility to prosper and live in harmony in our human community, and take all due measures to protect a healthy environment on the Earth.

  5. Morality
  6. As a personal commitment, and with the high morality required of the space exploration industry, we always act in good faith.

  7. Compliance with regulations
  8. We, as a corporation, put compliance with regulations (including articles of incorporation and in-house regulations) above all else.

  9. Appropriate control of confidential information
  10. We appropriately manage confidential information such as corporate secrets, know-how and personal information, and avoid unauthorized use and disclosures of such information. We handle confidential information disclosed by a third party in the same manner.

  11. Fair and valid accounting procedures
  12. Regardless of whether they are tangible or intangible, we appropriately control and effectively use corporate assets and information.

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