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Greetings from the President

Hideo Hasegawa, President We believe that devoting ourselves to rewarding work in a friendly working atmosphere allows us to work reflecting customers’ viewpoints and wishes.

This philosophy is the foundation of our company and our reliability and quality assurance activities. Having satisfied and happy customers is the first goal in our work and it is the source of our pleasure. We hope to contribute to the advancement of space development in Japan as a result.

High Reliability Engineering & Components Co. (HIREC) was established on Oct in 1988 with support of Japanese space companies for better reliability assurance, improved manufacturing and procurement techniques, and stable supply of space components.

Since the establishment, we have successfully supplied highly efficient and reliable (environment resistant or radiation resistant, heat-resistant, robust structure, etc.) space components to an H-II/H-IIA rockets as well as various spacecraft systems including engineering test satellites, earth observation satellites, scientific satellites, and the International Space Station Japanese Experiment Module (JEM or so called KIBO).

Furthermore, aiming to contribute to the development of the high reliability components for the use in the next-generation advanced spacecraft systems and equipment, we are now working with JAXA under its Parts Program, engaging in the development of HR5000S (high performance 64Bit microprocessor), high reliability components unique to Japan including B-SRAM (burst SRAM), and SOI-FPGA (perfect depletion layer type gate array) in cooperation with European entities. HIREC will continue to develop and supply the most advanced space components as the top company in space components development in Japan.

As another pillar of our enterprise, we are vigorously promoting reliability and quality assurance support. We can help space companies to assure reliability (resilience to failures) and quality including adequacy in workmanship in every stage of development of spacecraft systems and equipment which are often not repairable after their launch. Our independence from any major space-related companies helps us ensure objectivity and transparency of our work. We can support projects to achieve successful results while contributing to the reduction of duration and cost of development.

Moreover, we are now challenging to apply our technologies to the fields outside space development. Based on the experience and knowledge gained in the space field during 20+ years since our establishment, we are working to apply our radiation evaluation technology, screening technology, etc. to solve recent issues including malfunctions of high-density circuits due to soft errors.

HIREC is the "group engineers with brains" armed with component technology and missions assurance (reliability and quality assurance) technology. As the company policy, by supporting the foundation of Japanese space development industry and through making efforts to improve safety and reliability, we will contribute to the construction of affluent, safe and secure society.

To this end, through close and effective communications with customers which take customers’ viewpoints and opinions into consideration, we strive to benefit our customers by addressing customers’ needs and by providing the products or services that match customers’ needs.

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