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ISMS Policy

High-Reliability Engineering & Components Corporation (HIREC) addresses systematically to assure the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of information asset which are issued from main activities such as design, quality assurance test, sales of space EEE parts and quality assurance support for space systems by the protection from the computer virus infection, and other expected threats, and not to cause any trouble for clients and the suppliers as a result.

For that reason, we operates the ISMS (ISO/IEC27001), and appropriately protects the information assets and improves our security awareness.
HIREC commits the following items;

  1. Ensuring that ISMS is carried out and improve more efficient system, we systematically operate and control and fulfill the each functions and responsibilities. We set and maintain the Chief Information Officer and the Information Security Committee for ISMS operation organization. Each member observes and maintains the internal regulations to control and continuously improve the information securities.
  2. We identify the threats and the vulnerabilities for information assets in the point of view of Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability and periodically implement the risk assessment of identified risks and evaluate the management of the risks by the proper criteria.
  3. While promoting above No.1 and No2, we recognize the importance of these activities, and consider the priority of ISMS and the allocation of resources on business to conduct the necessary education and promotion for internal parties continuously to observe and improve the ISMS.
  4. We conduct internal ISMS audits periodically, evaluate observance, and seek the effectiveness by taking the corrective action for contribution of our business continuity.
  5. We observe the contractual requirements and relevant legislation such as the unfair competition prevention Act., the copyright Act., Act on the prohibition of unauthorized computer access, Act concerning protection of personal information.
  6. Once violation from this ISMS policy or related security regulations is occurred, it must be dealt with punishment and the contractual coverage stated in the company regulation.

By these ISMS activities, we commit that client and our information assets are protected from the various kinds of security threats, and improve the reliability of HIREC.

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