Corporation Profile

Quality Policy

"HIREC, Co. contributes to the construction of an affluent and safe society through our high quality components and reliability engineering capability."

With this corporate slogan, we promote the following to meet customers' requirements and to enhance their satisfaction utilizing our engineering capability and accumulated know-how.

  1. Continuously improve the Quality Management System (QMS) complying with JIS Q 9100 and ISO 9001(*) so that all of our products and services meet applicable laws and regulations as well as customers' demands.
  2. Develop the Quality Manual and ensure that we observe the processes defined in the Quality Manual to establish systematic management and to fulfill our responsibilities.
  3. Strive to assure quality by establishing the company-level Quality Objectives, developing the department-level objectives, and monitoring these objectives for quality improvement.
  4. Strive to further improve reliability and quality by periodically conducting internal audits, promoting process evaluation, implementing corrective actions and so on.
  5. Continuously implement improvements by performing periodical Management Reviews and evaluating the effectiveness of the QMS.

With the above measures, we strive to provide the products and services which meet customers' demands and to further improve quality and reliability.

(*) JIS Q 9100: Quality Management Systems, Requirements for aviation, space,
     and defense organizations
     ISO 9001: Quality Management System suited International Organization for

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